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The Napatan Ruins of Jebel Barkal represent the southernmost permanent
settlement in the New Kingdom of Egypt. They are the main Nubian cult
centre of the god Amun and were once of great importance to the Kushite
Kingdom. Napata was an ancient Nubian city, at the site of modern-day
Karima. The entire complex encompasses both the Nuri Pyramids and the
Temple of Amun at Jebel Barkal. The Nubian king Piye expanded Barkal’s
Amun temple complex, creating a southern version of the Amun temple at
Thebes (near Luxor in modern-day Egypt). Today, the great Amun Temple of
Jebel Barkal lies largely in ruins. A few piles of rocks lies scattered
about, and some statues of rams remain relatively well-preserved.