Welcome to NAIROBI

Nairobi National Park is famous wildlife sanctuary rescues and
rehabilitates orphaned elephants and offers you the chance to
see these lovable creatures up close. This is where the youngest
elephants are hand-reared until about two or three years of age,
and you can watch the keepers bottle-feed the babies. From the
sanctuary, staff relocate the elephants to a reintegration center
in Tsavo East National Park before they are eventually released back
into the wild. Watching these playful pint-sized pachyderms wallow
in the mud or nudge a soccer ball around is something you will never
forget. If you want to do more to help these magnificent animals,
consider adopting an orphaned elephant, giraffe, or rhino before you
go, and you'll receive regular updates on its progress. Conveniently,
the nursery sits right at the main gates of Nairobi National Park, so
you can visit both of these famous tourist attractions in the same